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Today a 12 judge U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals panel struck down a New Jersey law that was never implemented allowing Atlantic City casinos and race tracks in the state to offer Vegas-style sports betting, saying it runs afoul of a 1993 federal law banning the practice in any state that was not “grandfathered” in with an existing state law.


When it was announced that an appeal of an earlier ruling against the law would be heard by a panel of 12 judges in the circuit, it was seen as a sign of hope. However, the court only issued two dissenting opinions on the matter with its ruling today, the majority finding that the 2014 law was a “de facto authorization” of sports betting in the state.

In recent years, some professional sports organizations that were initially for banning the practice of betting on sports, have come around to the other side. Last year, former NBA Commissioner Adam Silver advocated for the remaining 46 states left behind by the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 to be given federal oversight and legal betting. Only four states are exempt from the federal legislation; Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon. And although sports betting certainly occurs in every other state, sometimes accompanied by organized crime in the prohibition underworld, even office football pools are illegal in the remaining 46 United States.

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